With my entire move to Nikon Mirrorless, my faithful old Nikkor 50f1.4 went to a better home. That left a hole as I really like having that simple, old prime. One use I have for it is my Zoom calls, perfect focal length, and f/stop. That’s when the Z40f2 hit my radar and I gotta be honest, at that really incredible low price, I figured I couldn’t lose so I bought one from Bedfords. I didn’t know a soul who had one so I just went for it. Dang if it isn’t just the sweetest little lens! Really sharp, has great DoF, focuses pretty darn close, and is just an all-around sweet lens! When you go to buy one, you’ll find it doesn’t come with a shade and that currently, Nikon doesn’t offer one for it. I like shades for a number of reasons, the biggest is sex appeal. I went into my shade bin (yeah, I have one of those) and found an old HN-3, the shade for the 35f2. It works perfectly and the 72mm snap cap fits the shade. Being so small and light, I take it with me everywhere. Great little lens you should consider adding to your kit!

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