ThinkTank TrailScape 18L in my seat on the Airboat

The problem to solve. Carry the Z 9 attached to Z1.4x / Z400f4.5, additional Z 9 w/Z14-24, Z 30 w/Z16-50, shot gun mic, cards, filters in a VERY small bag, waterproof that fits in the seat with me on an Airboat ripping across the swamps of Florida. I turned to the experts, ThinkTank and their newish TrailScape 18L. One zip and my gear is out and ready. One zip and my gear is secure and dry, it’s a thing of beauty. You might look at the bag specs and wonder how a body as tall as the Z 9 can fit in the bag with a lens attached. The TrailScape is designed to also accept a notebook. Don’t include the notebook and there is no problem for the Z 9. Less is truly more and no one does better with less than the brilliant minds at ThinkTank!

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