IFEART Hand Warmers

These are simply, bloody, brilliant! The IFEART Hand Warmers work, work better than you might ever imagine in fact. I can personally atest that their description for these hand warmers don’t do them justice:

2 IN 1 Split-Type Magnetic Design: Free your hands or share warmth with others, to make this winter warmer and life more convenient.
– Equipped with 10000mAh (5000mAh 2-Pack) rechargeable batteries, One hand warmer can meet the temperature output of more than 7 hours.
– 3 Levels Heat Settings: Choose the most comfortable heat to meet the temperature needs of different people in different scenarios.
– Portable Power Bank: It can charge your mobile phone for 1.5+ times, reduce the trouble of carrying an additional power bank, and make travel more simple

Placing them on the hottest setting, they get uncomfortably hot! On that setting they last for over four hours. I prefer the lowest setting which provides easily ten hours of operation. We (there are a number of us using these now including Sharon) simply place them in the bottom of our jacket pockets and with or without gloves on, it’s a toasty warm space when you insert you hands. This is literally the first set that I can honestly recommend to folks. As my friends like to say when they put their hands in the coat pockets now, “Toasty warm!”

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