Backloading view of Urban Access 13

I’ve longed for a simple, small (emphasize small), protective bag for my mirrorless kit and have tried a bunch and found my winner in the Think Tank Urban Access 13 (they do make larger 15). The features I was looking for is small (it’s 12x19x9) with one zip access to all my gear while holding all my mirrorless gear while providing full protection. As you can see, the UA13 easily holds my mirrorless kit easily (Z1.4x & Z2x are in the top compartment not pictured). The UA13 also provides two side zippered compartments making it easy to get to particular pieces of gear on the fly. I wanted a bag I could keep my gear in that I could grab and run out the door (or go to a job) and know I have everything I need in it and the UA13 accomplishes just that. At the same time, it stands up vertically no matter what is or isn’t in the bag and while not looking like a camera bag. I love this bag!

Like all Think Tank bags, it came with plenty of dividers and rain shield. It took me a few moments to decide how I wanted to pack the UA13 with my kit. The Z 9 / Z40f2 lie the way they do so they are easier to grab out of the side flap. The Z70-200f2.8 & Z14-24f2.8 are the two lenses I would probably grab on the fly the most which are why they are on the outside of the bag. The flap can accept a 13″ notebook but I have no need to carry that in my camera bag. There are plenty of little pockets in the side pocket doors, top compartment and the front for extra “stuff.” There are two expanding outside pouches I’ve used for my SB-5000. Going lighter is just so much fun and the Urban Access makes it real simple!

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