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on Nov 29, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

What is “Focus Peaking?”

I’m asked a lot about Focus Peaking introduced in the D850. and greatly enhanced in the Z6 / Z7 working with stills as well as video. Above is what you see looking through the Z7 viewfinder in manual focus with Focus Peaking active (click on the image to enlarge, red arrows point to the yellow grid). I switched the peaking color from the default Blue to yellow cause it’s easier for me to see. The “Focus Peaking” is grabbing the edges it “sees” as sharp and overlays a yellow grid. Since I was shooting at f/32, you can see the DoF being captured as well as general focus. Now it only works when you are MANUALLY focusing but if you’re into macro, this simple feature of the Z6 / Z7 makes them work the purchase!

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