Aero C-104 “Bücker” captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z1.4x

New Year, new shooting opportunities, and more importantly for me, a whole new A2A shooting rig! Up until this A2A, my rig was the D6 / 70-200f4. It brought great AF, buffer, and physical weight to shoot through the open side of an aircraft. I shot this entire A2A with this Aero C-104 “Bücker” this past weekend with the Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 with the Z1.4x and it worked beautifully! It too has the AF, buffer and with this rig, the weight to make it all work. You’ll see below the rig, the camera is in a SmallRig with a KeyMission 170 above the prism (to shoot BTS). The Z 6II did a killer job with the action, able to keep up focus and buffer so I didn’t miss a shot (6227 images in 65 minutes). The Z70-200f2.8 / Z1.4x is such a sharp combo. Better yet, they are so well sealed, I had no dust accumulate on the sensor during the shoot! The best part was I could easily shoot still or video with the Z 6II with a flip of a lever, see it all in the viewfinder and use proper handholding for both. Bottom line for me, I have a whole new A2A rig and I love it!

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