When the F mount 24-120 came out, I was not in the position to purchase one. I arranged a long-term loan of one and fell in love with the lens and its range. When I had to return it, still not in the budget so I went without and missed it terribly. Then I went mirrorless with that, Nikon came out with the Z24-120f4. I saved my pennies and now I actually own one and really love it! Better than the 24-120, the Z24-120f4 complements the Z24-70f2.8 in my kit. I love this lens for two distinct purposes. The first is for aviation when working on projects or static aircraft. I also use it for multiple aircraft air-to-air formations. The second is on a second body on a strap when I’m shooting with the 800f5.6. It’s a great landscape lens! One great update to the Z24-120 is its macro capability. I love that additional asset making the lens even more versatile. Oh, did I mention it’s a great lens when filming video interviews? This is a great lens you want to check out for your own kit!

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