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on Dec 19, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Z6 or Z7 … That’s the Question

At least that’s the question filling my inbox the past couple of weeks. And it’s a great question! I regret, I don’t have the answer for folks any more than I can answer which to buy, the D5 or D850. I can offer up though how I think about it for myself and make the selection when I head out to shoot. First and foremost, the Z Family is designed to compliment what you already have, not replace. In my mind, the D5 and the Z6 are on the same shelf, both the lots of frame per second body (with the Z6 being sooooo much smaller). And the D850 and the Z7 are on the same shelf, both the megapixel bodies. So when I head out shooting and grab the D5 (still my main body), I grab the Z7 which compliments it. When I head out with the D850, I grab the Z6 to compliment it. This is for still photography. When it comes to video, all I grab are the Z6 and Z7 bodies. With ten of thousands of captures on my Z bodies already, I have complete trust they are tools I can trust my clients storytelling to. Don’t know if this will help you, but this is how I answered the question for myself.

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