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on Nov 25, 2015 in B&W Photography, WRP Ed Zone

JP’s Brilliant B&W!

John Paul spelled out the digital darkroom B&W options brilliantly here, wish I’d thought of doing it! Many including myself look for the best way to convert our images to B&W and as JP points out, there is no one way since B&W is such a romantic medium. We need to mix in the digital darkroom as per the heart! With that said, he’s compiled a comprehensive list and IMHO is spot on. And like JP, my preferred method for B&W conversion for some time now has been as he states: The only thing I add to this is at times is Nik’s Pro Contrast at the start of the process and then at the end of the process Levels. The key to the methodology described above is its Quality and Flexibility and Speed. And this is important when a clean Black and a clean White is essential along with the mixing of the heart in the final B&W image What you see above are some of the possibilities...

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on Nov 24, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

SJKF Buddies in Trouble

The San Joaquin Kit Fox, one of the first critters to be listed as endangered in the US has new troubles. Mange, a disease many pet owners are aware of started to appear in the SJKF back in 2013. About 110 have now been found but there is surely more as many succumb to this disease and die a miserable death alone in their den. I’m bringing this to your attention because you can help! Read his piece and if you see what you think might be a SJKF in trouble, make the call. And you can learn a lot more about this and our environment here. It might just save its life!...

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on Nov 6, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

The Blessing of Snow

We were blessed with snow earlier this week (and more coming this weekend), 7″ at the office and with the cold temps, it has actually stuck. That’s great for lots of reasons, the biggest is bird photography. Snow brings many opportunities starting with making our bird baths the place to be! With free water frozen, our heated bird baths get hit harder than our feeders. But our feeders are busy as well as the switch in characters continues with the change of the season. The best thing about snow as far as I’m concerned though is, it’s a natural reflector. The flashes are for the most part retired because the snow reflects light so nicely, the light is naturally filled in. It’s a beautiful thing! The Red-shafted Flicker (above) is a “kid” that is not even a year old yet. Its parents who have been coming to our feeders since they were kids brought him and he’s not left. So unlike even his parents, he is not shy and...

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on Nov 5, 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Size Isn’t Everything

Size isn’t everything! Size of your lens for example, this photo was taken with 1000mm. Size of your effort to get the photo, we just had to walk a mile for this photo. Size of your subject, that bull Moose couldn’t be any smaller in the frame. The size of your heart that drives the size of your imagination, now we’re in a conversation where size matters. When you put your eye to the viewfinder, be sure you’re concern on size is the right size. Then and only then will the subject reach out and touch the viewer and the story...

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on Nov 4, 2015 in Landscape Photography

Seeing the Trees from the Woods

While fall color is on its way out, I pose this question to give you a year to think of YOUR right answer. I do love saying, “less is more” and in this instance, it might give way to a better photograph. I shot all three images with a Df / 24-70AFS and used my favorite tool, my feet to change the photograph. But before you move your feet or change your lenses, you gotta answer the question, “can you see the trees from the woods?” What are the factors that might help you answer this question? For me, it’s the light, that’s the biggest factor. With fall color, you have the “color” that sucks the viewer into your photograph. Be it yellow, red or a combination thereof, those colors help the mind’s eye see into the frame and travel about. Next then are all the vertical lines, the trunks. Light does help here but what if there is no magical beam of light, how does the eye move...

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on Nov 3, 2015 in Landscape Photography

It’s Here!

Ya baby, it snowed! Only 5″ so far but that means the fire danger is reduced for the moment and that’s huge. It also means our Beagle needs more outside time, she loves the snow. More importantly, I get to photograph birds in the snow again. I used the opportunity to take the 24-70VR out in the inclement weather to see how it would do. It was only 36 degrees, pretty warm, but it had no effect on its operation. It got plenty of snow on it, no effect either. I know for some it’s too early to be seeing or dealing with snow but for drought ridden California, it’s good timing. Let it...

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