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on Jun 20, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Blue Mountain’s Spring

It’s simply the most beautiful forest I’ve ever walked! We averaged about five miles a day in our hunt for Great Gray Owls walking the forest. Our walks the entire time were through the most gorgeous, sweeping landscape of Ponderosa Pines with spring grasses and wildflowers at their feet. While we never found the Great Grays, we were enveloped by over thirty species of wildflowers. Their color and smell amongst the pines and grasses were intoxicating and with all the birds singing made for a near heaven experience. Seriously, we all said we’d move there in a heartbeat, it was just that magnificent! Those who know me know that no matter how gorgeous the wildflowers, I simply don’t put my butt in the air to photograph them. So you might be very surprised to see a blog post with wildflowers. Well, that’s because I didn’t have to bend over to take them! Shooting with the D850 / 8-15Fish, I simply folded out the monitor and shot! The 8-15Fish is...

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on Jun 13, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Is It a Photograph?

The Spouting Horn on Kauai is just one of those locations that in the late afternoon, you can’t but take a deep breath and relax! The view is spectacular so much so that even the evening rain shower makes you smile just that much more. Then there is the natural beauty of the coastline enhanced by the “breathing rock” that is the Spouting Horn. Even at low tides, you can hear it take a breath and let it out even if there is no spray. The warm, ocean air, the floating clouds, the gorgeous light, it’s just about as romantic a spot as you’re going to find. Then we interrupt this all by putting a camera to our eye. I say this because there is no emotion setting in the camera, romance slider in post. Argh! What do I mean by that? When we put the cold-hearted bastard to our eye, we take all those emotional responses to Spouting Horn and make them mechanical. We have all the best...

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on Jun 12, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

What Inspired Me

I’m often asked which photographers have inspired me. Those who know me know I can’t remember a person’s name seconds after being told it. I can name all the critters of North America, but someone I just meet, their name is lost to me. And while I don’t recall names worth a hoot, I can remember all the photographs I’ve seen over the decades. One of the photos I saw when I first got into photography decades ago was of a Red-tailed Tropicbird. The way the light came through the wings, the crazy long, red tail and the “floating in air” look of its flight simply caught my imagination. It’s a photograph I’ve always wanted, a species I’ve wanted to experience. And forty years later, I meet my inspiration! The photograph I saw all those years ago is pretty much the top photo you see here. It was simply a tropicbird floating by. Getting that shot way back when would have been quite a feat with manual advance camera...

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on Jun 7, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Such a Gorgeous Canyon!

After an afternoon looking for the rare forest endemic bird species of Kauai, we came back down from the mountains to spend some time in the gorgeous Waimea Canyon. There are a number of turnouts and overlooks in which to take in this incredible view and the one I select normally is dependant on the rainbow. That’s because, in the afternoon, there is usually at least one rainbow, if not more. The gear part was a snap. The D850 with the 70-200f4 and 8-15Fish was all that was required. This permitted both the tight horizontal and vertical shot of the canyon and the rainbow. And with the huge vista, the 8-15Fish took that in oh so elequently. That took care of the arranging of elements, then there were just a few settings to finish it all off. I shot in Vivid, underexposed by -1/3 stop and set the camera to Cloudy WB. That was it, easy peezy and the memory is saved to share with all. Cause this kind...

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on Jun 6, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Bird Photography in Paradise

We jetted from Florida and Photoshop World directly to Kauai for a Pacific paradise birding adventure. We really love Kauai having come here many times but this is the first with the express purpose of photographing birds. We started off with birds I’d seen before but not spent time photographing, they are grouped under the big heading of pelagic birds. That’s a term used for a group of birds that spend their life at sea except for nesting season. Amazing flyers, watching them catch and soar in the trade winds is a thing of beauty. That’s what I wanted to bring to my photographs. The birds dart about in the winds as they perform courtship to aerial chases with incredible speed and ease. There was only one option as far as I was concerned for gear, the D5 / 300PF with the D5 set to Auto Area AF. I started with the TC-14eIII because of the old adage, “Go out with your longest lens or come back short,” but...

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on May 23, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Baby Day!

One of the great passages of spring is spring babies! Mother Nature knows how to celebrate when it brings us the kiddies to celebrate in our photographs! Yellowstone this past week was full of kids, especially with calf Wolf, Elk & Bison. But we had special moments with like Griz Cubs and others as well. When you are invited into the home of these critters and you can be a good guest and bring back the photographic memories, well then you simply count your blessing and share the stories! Up by Tower were a Black Bear and her cub. We were told that there were three cubs, but we only saw and photographed the one. Now it was your basic Yellowstone Bear Jam scenario which can drive some mad, and ugly. We avoided that by simply standing further back and longer glass. Shooting with the D5 / 800mm and picking the spot I wanted to photograph the bears on my terms. Living literally with black bears, I had a...

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