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on Apr 26, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Long & Short for Story?

It really is pretty cut & dry! You want to say, “Red Barn” or “Red Barn on the Palouse?” There is no right or wrong statement but knowing it determines what lens you’re going to use and where you stand to take the photography. The red barn assures your viewer can’t miss it in the frame. That makes the photographic work a snap because you then have the luxury of placement in the frame. I went with the D850 / 300PF to tell the story of place. And went with the D850 / 24-70VR to tell the story of romance. And since I took them both, one or just the other photograph wasn’t an option. I had to have them...

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on Apr 25, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Lines of The Palouse

Truly enjoying the tranquility of shooting in The Palouse! I also love the HUGE challenge of looking at the landscape and optically pulling out the detail that added up makes, The Palouse! The patterns are everywhere but how to connect to them visually and then share them with you, well is a ton of fun (though you can get frustrated in the process.) One thing that helps me is to put the camera on the tripod. Not my normal MO, slowly looking through the lens and then at the scene and then through the lens, the little details you want to include and exclude for me is easier when consistent. Locked down on the tripod with either the 70-2004 or 300PF they pop out. Keeping it simple is key to the lines of The...

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on Apr 25, 2018 in Landscape Photography

90 Minutes Well Spent!

We’re up shootin spring on The Palouse. This corner of Washington is simply gorgeous! We were here last fall exploring the rolling hills and came back for spring greens and they simply don’t disappoint! Now “great” skies eluded us today which makes the landscape a little more challenging and with the killer skies last fall, a little disappointing. With that said, photography must go one even for no other reason than the love of photography. So heading out to the “Weber” Ranch (named for the road, not the actual ranch) was our first stop of the day. Shooting with the D850 / 70-200f4 and Nikkor 62mm Polarizer, I walked up the road to take in the ranch, rolling hills and light. As you can see, the sky was, well, boring. But I hung in there and waited until a little bit of light kissed the left side of the hill. Ya, that didn’t help so after an hour, I packed it up, got back in the van and moved....

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on Apr 18, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Mad Max of NE!

There is nothing to this post other than to show off what I think are these really cool trucks. They are used to conduct the control burns in NE and they simply remind me of Mad Max. Except, these are put to use in the real world. They all had names and I regret I forgot them, except the one with the American Flag is Megatron. When it comes to the photography, they did it all for me. I just had to follow them, at a safe distance, and tell their story working the controlled burn. That was easy with the D5 / 300PF. And as often as I could, I incorporated the heat shimmer into the photo....

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on Apr 16, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Jumping for Spring!

There are many celebrations in nature announcing the coming of spring. One of my favorites is that of the Greater Prairie Chickens. Looking at the image above, it would appear they are jumping for joy with the passing of snow and the coming of green grass and warmer days. And while they are celebrating spring, their jumping has nothing to do with joy! The Chickens come together for a short period, about a month, on a lek, to get lucky. Arriving on the Lek in the dark, they establish small territories then perform their hearts out to attract a female to the territory. And if another male should come close to that territory, the fights begin. It’s true chicken fights with biting, scratching, kicking and tackles all part of the fight trying to make the opponent look unworthy of a mate. Now I call it getting lucky because to our eyes, it never seems to ever work as copulation is never seen on the lek. But a celebration it...

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