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Photography FUNdamentals

DLonMPBadgeWhy is the title Photography FUNdamentals?

Are you brand new to photography?

Have you been at it for years and have hit a wall?

No matter where you are in your photography, Photography FUNdamentals brings you the technical and the trivial that will improve your photography! You’ve got to have a solid foundation with the technical in order for your photography to grow. Written from 30 years behind the camera, in the hundreds of pages and photographs in Photography FUNdamentals, Moose brings to light all the important photographic information you need to learn so you can forget it.

Huh? Pg 4

A huge part of being an successful photographer is knowing the tools so well that they become second nature so your main focus is your subject. By learning these basics, the how and why they work, you can find your own path in the technical, you can do just that, forget them. Some of this stuff is pretty dry and others, well Moose can’t help but make fun of it. And through the entire book are Trivia Alerts, important photography techniques that while is trivia, can make the difference in YOUR getting the photograph.

Pg 7And why is FUN emphasized in the title? That’s the first thing you must learn about photography, is has to be FUN. And that’s what it’s all about, you getting your photograph so you can share with everyone else your photographic passion.

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Photography FUNdamentals Love Notes from App Store Reviewers:
(Some of these are from reviewers all over the world, not visible in the U.S. App Store)

Brent is to be congratulated on producing this fantastic iBook. In true Moose Peterson fashion, Moose explains some often misunderstood and confusing photography concepts in a manner in which most everyone will understand. The navigation throughout the book is easy and fun. The click-on examples makes it easier to understand many of the concepts. If you are a beginner or are new to photography, this book is a Must! If you’re an experienced photographer, I’ll bet you’ll learn something as well or at least enjoy the read. GREAT JOB Brent & Moose!