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on Mar 30, 2012 in Camera Tech

D4 Settings

D4 Settings They are not kept under lock and key but neither are they set in stone. But I’ve had hundreds of requests for my D4 settings so here they are. You click on the link, unzip the file and load it onto your card and then navigate to Setup Menu > Save/load Settings > Load Settings on our D4 and you’ll have my settings. Now you’ll have them all which includes Copyright set to my name, so I recommend you erase that. I also recommend you copy your own settings to a card and put that aside so in case you don’t like my settings, you can reapply your own. Sorry, I simply don’t have the time yet to write all the settings out. Keep in mind the hardware settings are: AF-C, D21, A Mode, CH, Matirx. Now will these settings change? They might a little bit but I don’t foresee any big changes. I want to emphasize these settings are just that, my settings and reflect my...

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