American Goldfinch captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5 with Z1.4x

It was -8 yesterday when I photographed this American Goldfinch waiting in line to get to the feeder. It’s -24 at the moment warming up to -10 today. In these conditions critters need those calories to stay warm. They need even more the free water, the line for the water feature /bird bath is even longer! I have the blind over the glass door so I don’t disturb causing them to burn more calories then necessary. They have enough problems with the Sharpies & Coop and then on Tuesday, the Goshawk moved in! I literally looked out the office window and saw it perched there. It stayed long enough out in the open for Sharon to see it once I picked my jaw up and then moved to the back side of the tree. We’ve watched it pick off a flicker and dove but not gotten glass on it, yet! I figure I’ll get serious about getting out and photographing it, once it gets warmer which, might be relative today!

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