Green Jay captured by Z 6II / 800f5.6

This time of year when critters are in the process of making new babies is a golden opportunity to show your sense of humor through them! For example, birds when they mate have their own rituals to keep the pair bond like these Green Jays. The female “talks” to the male a lot, giving him encouragement to get food to telling him to drive off the competition. Some of this is done with calls from a distance and some, like above, is done up close and personal. Keying in on the biology is how you and your lens is in the right place at the right time. After that, it’s just your sense of humor that brings the color, light and gesture to the story.

Some species like Cardinals, the male will present the female a bite of food. The presenting of the food looks like a kiss for those not in the know. Small mammals double check the adult they are greeting is their mom or dad by coming up real close to sniff which also looks like a kiss. The examples are almost endless and the only key to getting the shot is thinking biologically, reacting photographically and then laughing at the story your inside voice makes up!

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