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on Jun 4, 2020 in Landscape Photography

A Posy Photo on Moose’s Blog?

Oriental or Breadseed Poppy
captured by D6 / 14-24AFS

Yep, it’s a flower photo on my blog, what the state of Montana officially calls an Opium Poppy and it’s blooming all over the ranch! A native of Turkey and Iran, how it got to the ranch is a mystery. We’ve not mowed a vast majority of the back nine cause we didn’t know all that was growing there. We saw these plants growing and I thought they were some type of thistle. Then the buds started to appear and my mind said opium plants! Na, how could that be. Then today when I was out with our Red Fox, I saw the first blossom to open. I used the marvelous PictureThis app which told me it’s an Oriental Poppy. I grabbed the D6 / 14-24AFS (the blossom is larger than the front element of the 14-24) took some shots and then came into the web to learn more. There I learned it’s the Opium Poppy, legal to let grow and that the state describes it as an “Annual with glabrous and glaucous foliage.” It won’t make a macro photographer out of me, but they are darn purdy!

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