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on Oct 25, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

A Woopin is Comin!

Alaskan Moose
captured by D5 / 180-400VR

Oh ya, nothin good is coming with that look in a Moose’s eye! Bull Moose has quite a ritual they go through each late fall in the pursuit of mating. Battling and chasing other bulls, young and old is a big part of it. It takes a lot out of them so typically after their afternoon nap, the fun begins. In this case, these two who were really just “goofin” give you a great look at the battling process. You can see in the eye of the one on the left the invitation to shove. The cocked head and eye tell the opponent that it’s on! I was shooting with the brilliant D5 / 180-400VR which provides the speed and flexibility to capture the action. So, after hours of boredom looking at sleeping bulls, you have a thirty-minute burst of sheer spectacular wildlife biology action. What a great day just knowing a whoopin is comin!

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