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on Nov 9, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Arche’s Starie Nights

Balanced Rock
captured by D850 / 8-15Fish

The heavenly bodies shimmered in the cold crisp skies over Arches Nat’l Park. So every night we’ve been out enjoying them and preserving the memories with our cameras. We kept it real simple so we could stay warm, have fun and be successful. The above photo was taken literally from the side of the road. We positioned ourselves so the oncoming car headlights did all the light painting, we just had to open the shutter and enjoy.

Delicate Arch
captured by D850 / 8-15Fish

The photo of Delicate Arch required a little more, had to make the forty-five minute walk up to it. Otherwise, I set up the D850 / 8-15Fish with ISO 3200, A WB, f5.6, 30secs and shot. The glow on the horizon is … the setting sun, light polution … I’ll let your imagination fill in the blank. We’ve had four great nights under the stars coming back with great memories, in our hearts and camera!

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