Zebra herd on the Maasai Mara captured by Df / 24-120

I’ve only gone to Africa twice, thoroughly enjoyed both times. There were highs and lows on each coming from seeing the vastness of the landscape and the critters and the mind thinking of what was, is, and will be. And not just Africa but our own vast wild heritage here in the states. This photograph as you can see was taken on a very romantic evening just after a torrent had brought life to the grasslands. We were in the midst of this vast herd and the Landie could go wherever I desired amongst these wild critters. With a split grad filter attached to the lens (since I had a pretty level horizon line), it was an easy click. We just parked as my imagination covered the plains and continued to our Great Plains wondering where I could do the same thing with our one big herd animal still roaming freely, Bison. Views are fleeting in every sense of the word. We are losing more and more that big picture, the vast big herd landscape.

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