Bellanca 14-13 captured by Z 8 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4x

Drama in an aviation photograph often relies on the aircraft itself. A fighter has a whole lot more drama about it then your basic Cessna for example. That’s why they get so much love from photographers. When I first started out in wildlife photography, a accomplished photographer gave me sound business advice I pass along to you now as it pertains to aircraft 100%. He said, “Ignore the eagles and the falcons, focus on the finches and sparrows as that’s where the money is. Everyone goes after the glamorous birds and not the common ones. The money then is in the common!” That advice has served me well. When I see a nostalgic aircraft like this Bellanca with that killer red against the gray sky, I’m clicking away. Love the lines, love the color contrast, love the simple drama. Cha-Ching, can’t pass up color drama!
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