When it comes to aircraft, I learned from the get-go that angles are everything! I think about it so much, I have 1:16 models in the office that I stare at all the time as the light changes. I have them at eyelevel so I think how I would see the aircraft lying on the tarmac. It’s made a difference in how I shoot.

I grabbed these P-47 images to illustrate my point. Shot with the D5 / 24-70f2.8, I simply moved around at The Jug looking how the morning light was changing its imposing stance. Do I have a favorite among the three here, you bet. You might too and that’s the point.

It’s real easy when out on the line to see one shot and with all the stimulation, go with that first “wow” view. I’m going to encourage you to walk around because you just might find a better shot. Simply put, check the angles!

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