NAF N3N-3 captured by Z 8 / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z1.4x

In the process of telling our story we can over complicated our visual storytelling. It’s a very human thing we need to work through at times when clean and simple works great. Think of it this way, you could write a whole paragraph or simply say, ice cream is great! The paragraph or sentence relate the same story about ice cream, one just takes longer to do so. It’s the same for photography.

By their very nature, air-to-airs are dangerous! They also eat up money so part of the process to “cheat” both is to get the shots safely yet quickly. The total time for my A2A with the newly flying Pemberton & Son’s NAF N3N-3 was one hour, prop turn to prop shut down. That’s not much time to get real complicated. When you have a fresh out of paint, intake tube still chrome bright yellow plane for a subject, you just need a kiss of light and you have a great photo. In this case, you don’t need much making clean and simple work!

Moose hanging out captured by copyright Steve Evers

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