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on Oct 11, 2017 in Landscape Photography

Dehaze for Fall … Say What?

So we were shooting at Kent Pond at this hillside across the pond that had great color and texture but the light was, nasty! Not only the light was high in the sky, it was shooting through the thinnest of cloud cover. It had a haze to it so I took the shot wondering if, if since it had a “haze” if Dehaze in ACR might not help. Whenever I have an “if” moment in photography, I tend to follow it until it blows up in my face, or has a promising outcome to move forward. Well …

Above you can see the outcome and it ain’t too bad! The bottom photo is what was captured and the top is the Dehaze afterwards. Like normal, whenever I use Dehaze I move the Blue Saturation slider down to desaturate the blur (HSL Panel ACR). But with this kind of light hitting the fall color, the Dehaze slider did a nice job. Who would have thunk it?

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