House Wren captured by Z 9 / 800f5.6AFS

As I watched the snow falling outside the window I hear the birds singing their brains out, looking at nesting sites and fighting for mates. Despite what the weather is doing, critters and the sun say it’s spring. It’s time to get the binoculars out and start being a wildlife detective looking for your next project. Nesting birds are a very rewarding subject. You can do it safely by doing some homework and testing now so you’re good to go once you find the nest. You might want to start by reading this nesting primer here on the website. You might continue it following what’s in that primer. Then go further picking up a copy of my book Captured. As long as you remember no photograph is worth sacrificing the welfare of a subject and can walk away when you see it’s not working, you can comeback with a story that when shared can make a difference. Cause despite the weather, it really is spring!

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