David Cardinal & I are very proud to be able to offer you what we feel is still the #1 DAM program for the working pro or serious shooter to organize, file, find and work with your digital files. Just what does DigitalPro 6 have for you, just check this out!

The first & ONLY DAM program to offer Image Validation & Cloning for secure backup and protection against image corruption.

  • Batch editing — Launch a series of images or an image stack into a single editor session. Very useful for HRD & Panorama automation as well as editing a series of images at once into Photoshop Camera Raw.
  • Image Stacks — Stack images together to be processed as a group. Perfect for easier handling and viewing of the images which make up your panoramas or HDR exposures–or just to make your workflow simpler by grouping similar images together for viewing and filing.
  • Saved Searches — You can now save the searches you create using the Find command. They are saved along with your other Project folders and can be re-run with a single click at any time.
  • Additional pre-defined searches. In addition to finding all the images created near the time or date of an existing image pre-defined searches have been added to show you all the images you have taken today, this week and this month.
  • SQL Display — You can show the SQL that DigitalPro uses for its find commands. This makes it easy for anyone familiar with database tools to use a SQLite compatible database browser to create their own queries and use the DigitalPro catalog database in their own custom tools.
  • Additional Custom Editors: To accommodate the increasing number of image editing tools the number of custom editors which DigitalPro can remember has been increased from 4 to 6.
  • Faster folder display. Most folders now display significantly more quickly due to significant improvements in catalog performance.

You head to the DigitalPro6 page and you’ll find not only more information (and ordering links of course), but the first five new videos I’ve created to help you make the most of the program. Check it out, you’ll learn the secret behind my getting so much work done in such little time!

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