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on Feb 22, 2019 in Wildlife Photography

Down for Background

Laughing Gull
captured by Z6 / 800mm
on tripod

These two photographs were literally taken just a minute apart. The top image was taken from a top of my Gitzo 5562SGT / Zenelli Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head with the Z6 / 800mm and the bottom photo the same gear on a panning plate. I shot with the gear on the tripod then literally laid flat, in front of the tripod took the second shot.

Laughing Gull
captured by Z6 / 800mm
on panning plate

The tripod shot is just a “gull” photo but as soon as the camera hits the sand, it’s now much more. The only difference though it’s a big one is the background. This post is really no more than to once again emphasize how important background is and how little we have to do as photographers to make a big impact in our storytelling.

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