Philmont’s Baldie Town Aspens captured by Z 8 / Z14-24f2.8

It’s the time of year, my annual photographic adventure at the amazing Philmont Scout Ranch. The campers are like sponges soaking up the landscape while taking hold of the photographic concepts and techniques to take the memories home to share with others. 04:45 found us on the road up Baldie where we found gold at Baldie Town at 10,000 feet. The Aspens are just gorgeous and the views, they are the best! And the photography really couldn’t be funnier!

A simply walk up the road (well at this altitude a slow walk for some) put is in the heart of one grove. I took up just the Z14-24f2.8 cause I wanted to take it all in. I closed the lens down to f/22 and then swayed a tad to pinch the sun a little more around a trunk to create that star burst. Once that shot was made, walked ten feet and repeated the process. Just simply a gorgeous morning cause fall at Philmont – yummy!

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