Alaskan Range taken 08.10 captured by Z 7 / 24-70f4

It seems like a real disconnect but yeah, head towards the top of the globe and you’ll find summer winding down and fall start to make its presence known. The Moose will soon be shedding their velvet. The big game is growing the last of their winter coats. Bears are starting to think about hibernation and are porking down all the fat they can find. And the landscape and the light starts to take on that warmth that is so inviting. While Alaska is having one of it worse wildfire seasons this year, there are still many gorgeous locales just screaming for you to come and visit. A killer way to see and photograph this splendor is to rent a RV in Anchorage and then just drive north stopping where the mood strikes you. Now’s the time to plan it for next month because any later and you might just find yourself in winter’s first snowfall! I hope to see you up there!

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