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on Sep 3, 2019 in Landscape Photography

Fire … Good?!

Spring Fire, CA
captured by Z6 / 70-200f4

When we caught up with our dear friend Richard the other morning, he was so excited to go off to work. And he’s retired! He’s a biologist and he was asked to work the Spring Fire. A naturally caused fire from a lightning strike a month back, it’s burning in an area that just recently burned and has never burned in the largest stand of Jeffrey Pine in the US. We think of fire as a bad thing but it’s is a natural part of the system, when the system is not broken. In the remote area where the Spring Fire is burning, it’s pretty natural so for scientists, is a burning laboratory where they are discovering all sorts of new things about the system. I was very pleased this morning I could take this photo for Richard which I know he’ll love after he shakes off the dust and washed off the ash from the fire. Oh, the body of water is Mono Lake. And the photo, a simple click taken with the Z6 / 70-200f4.

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