Aero C-104 captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z1.4x

I’m really fortunate to have not only found a very talented photo platform pilot, but having established a great creative relationship with him. I love flying with Ryan, in fact just flew acro with him a couple of weeks back, a little 3.2G fun. Well, I ping Ryan quite a bit looking for subjects at various times, the most are in the winter. I want that snowy background. Ryan knows everybody! In this case, the owner/pilot specifically wanted the snow-capped “Alps” in the background. Perfect! Ryan is always up for a cold flight, so am I but most are not but since the client wanted it, well he was up for it as well. That’s good because being in an open cockpit at Zero is hard! Well, we had a great flight but it was all possible because of my relationship with Ryan. The point, aircraft take people so more important than f/stop and shutter speed is your ability to form and keep those relationships!

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