P-38L Lightning captured by D4 / 18-35AF

It’s airshow season, time to get out and participate in our passion for all things that fly. Many airshows for a small charge offer photographer / sunrise / early bird passes to enter the airshow at dawn. DO IT!!! I highly recommend doing it not to secure what might be perceived as “the” spot on the flight line, but rather, for amazing static shooting. You will have it to yourself, the light you won’t have for the rest of the day and a ton of fun. And don’t do it by yourself! I’ve always don’t it with either Brent and/or Jake or my good friend Richard. It’s more fun, you can find the true treasures easier with two sets of eyes and there is someone to watch your gear while you make a run to deposit all the coffee. If you’re looking for more airshows ideas, be sure to check out my KelbyOne Class on Airshow Photography!

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