Coyote captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

With the 20+ winds, the falling and fallen snow whipped about the truck putting us in a near whiteout! We were near Grizzly Point and going nowhere, way off in the distance we could see the NPS groomer slowly making its way towards us. All we could see were its two lights “floating” above the snow off in the distance, the only thing telling us what it was. There we sat parked. Then off to the left, a pair of infatuated Coyotes came up a rise and appeared out of the blowing snow a short distance out. The truck was white but I can’t believe they didn’t know we were there. It didn’t seem to matter to them so I put down my window. Snow came flying in coating Sharon & my lap with fresh snow. I stuck the 180-400VR with Z 9 attached out the window and pointed it at the pair. I was too late, they were already tied, it happened really, really fast (tied = copulating). By the time I had hit the AF-On button, the male was already celebrating. What could I do but take the photograph. As I rolled up the window, I asked, “got a cigarette”?

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