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on Aug 16, 2019 in Wildlife Photography

Gotcha In My Spell!

Coastal Griz
captured by Z6 / 180-400VR

These two, three-year-old cubs are doing what cubs do so well, mess around! What many interpret as “fighting” is no more than working off lots of energy and boredom. Coastal Grizzly Bears are an amazing critter with such a complex yet simple biology. They are the perfect couch potato, just eating and sleeping. That’s true for all except the cubs who don’t really have to work hard to gather food as mom does it all. And like any kid with idle hands, they get into trouble. It’s really easy to place human emotions and reactions to their movements when there is nothing more complex than play at hand.

We were all alone on the Inlet beach with this family of four for nearly five hours. They really could care less about our presence and went about their daily routine which at this time of year, goes with the tide and the Pink Salmon run that had just started. I truly enjoyed hearing all the sounds of the family as they were an expressive bunch. Shooting with the Z6 / 180-400VR, I could hear it all even when shooting as the Z6 makes no noise. It was a 4200 images morning that really didn’t capture all the memories quite as well as my mind and heart. Oh well, I just gotta go back … gotcha in my spell!

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