Staggerwing captured by Z 9 / Z24-120

Jake & I were at the MT Aviation Conference in March in Missoula, we had a booth there for the simple purpose of meeting more of the MT aviation community. One of the cool folks we meet, Thom has an annual invite fly-in called Round Engine Roundup. It’s also a major Staggerwing gathering and since it’s just down the road in Idaho, Jake & I thought it might be fun. We signed up and this weekend we are at this great event! It started last night on a grass strip on the edge of a wheat field. The photo above is the hangar on that strip in which the dinner was held. We literally knew nobody when we showed up, by darkness, we had a bunch of new friends, many were friends of other friends of ours in aviation. There was a lot of great food, conversation and planning for the next days flying. It always amazes me what a small world it truly is when you start talking with folks and the possibilities that all of a sudden become possible. Like I always advise those wanting to get into aviation photography, just show up. We did and we came away with a hangar of new friends!

Husky captured by Z 9 / Z24-120

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