Cape Spear Lighthouse captured by Z 8 / Fisheye

We are so fortunate to travel the world with our cameras! We have a responsibility to not only bring back the photograph we want, but one we want to share. And we need to do more than share but invite our viewer to come in and take a seat! These two very red chairs are on the lawn and the Cape Spear Lighthouse. As far out into the Atlantic as you can get and not get wet, Cape Spear is often blanketed in fog as it was this day. There was gray everywhere! Except these two chairs and the top of the copola. I wanted to put you into that scene and to do that, I grabbed the fisheye, got as close physically I could and not crop the chairs and went click. I wanted to match the curved lighthouse with the chairs, tie them in with shape and color. I want you to say to yourself, “what a fun place to sit and watch life.” The invite to the viewer goes with the way you arrange the elements in the frame. Please, have a seat!

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