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on Jul 31, 2019 in Wildlife Photography

Hummer 2019 BTS – a Vid

Hummers (my affectionate term for hummingbirds) have been part of my life since I could walk. I would go to my aunt’s house and watch their nests in her yard for weeks on end. That fascination with them hasn’t stopped and greatly influences how I prefer to photograph them today. This short video goes BTS to discuss why I shoot the style I do and then how am I bring that style to my photos. I hope it not only answers your questions but gets you into the amazing world of hummers!

Gear pictured in the video
Nikon Z6
Nikkor 180-400VR
Nikon SB-5000
Nikon WR-R10
Nikon SD-9
PU200 Bracket w/cold shoes
Arca Swiss B2 head
Robus RC-8860 Tripod

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