Lamar Valley captured by Z 9 / Z24-120 B&W / Charcoal / Graphite / Sepia (4 image gallery)
The Soda Butte B Stop is very well known to me, been there more than once. The views from there for critters and the vastness of Lamar Valley always make me pause no matter how bad I need the B Stop. Last week looking to the east the haze cast a nostalgic light over the mountains. It kinda looked like one of those really old post cards that were so popular back in the 1920’s. I wanted to take that home with me so I hit the i button on the Z 9 and dove into the Creative Filters. First was B&W, then #17 Charcoal then #18 Graphite, and finally #13 Sepia. I kept moving through them looking for that “postcard” in my EVF. It was so important to me, I even left a voice memo on the files to remind me forever (Photo Mechanic shows voice memos) that’s what I was thinking, feeling, when I took the photos. When I got to finishing the photos, I ran the Preset for each Creative Filter and I gotta admit, I’m no closer to seeing / feeling that “postcard” and it’s frustrating me. I’ll figure it out but right now, I dunno!
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