C-130 captured by Z 6II / Z70/2002.8

The photography was a slam dunk! We’re at the ANC runway 15/33, 10,000 feet of shooting ecstasy photographing all the jets taking off. The skies were dramatic, the light piercing through them on aircraft and the surrounding mountains as they took off to the west. They have a rise behind where you can park so you easily shoot over the fence. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. The Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 in AAAF in aperture priority couldn’t have made it simpler. I got some great shots simply having fun. Then this L-100 took the active and as it started its run, I saw the vapor trails being made by the props. Just as it rotated I realized I was in aperture priority with a way too fast shutter speed to blur the props. At that point of realization, it was even with me and by the time I closed down the aperture to get a slower shutter speed, it was gone. Oh, I could just shoot myself cause it would have been a real sweet photo with those props blurred. No, I didn’t delete the file only because it will make a could teaching photo of the image missed. I hate screwin up!

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