White-tailed Deer bucks fill The Ranch captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

We were in Yellowstone when Sharon received the text from our neighbor. “Have you guys seen the all male herd that has been moving through the property the last couple of days?” Ever since moving to The Ranch, we’ve had lots of does and three fawns born but big bucks have been far and few between. I knew that at some point with all the girls, the big boys would show up one fall. Well, we’ve had a few this week and it’s been fun! They are not really sure what to think of me. The does and fawns come right up to me which the bucks wouldn’t do normally. But then, I’ve been giving the does / fawns apples since day one so they think of me as simply as a source of food. But what are the bucks to do? If they want to get close to the does, they gotta get close to me. And it just so happens that besides having apples I have the Z 9 / 180-400VR. It’s a very fluid situation as the does are not really receptive yet to the bucks advances. The bucks, well they are guys and their hormones have their necks swollen and not thinking straight. The six pointer was the biggest buck to visit us so far with a number of five pointers. They are making it hard to get anything done as Sharon and I are on constant vigil walking around the house looking out the windows to see what they are up to. I know I was wanting all of this to happen but I never thought I’d be in a rut at The Ranch!

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