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on Oct 31, 2018 in Aviation

It’s All Fun & Games Until …

“Hot or Miss”
captured by Z7 / 8-15Fish

It’s nose art time for “Hit or Miss” and progress continues towards Normandy Bound! Lots of the work being done on #43-48950 by Turin Aviation as “behind the panels” stuff that is required to make the C-47 fly (kinda important) gets done. And while we’re documenting that part of the restoration, it’s just not hard hitting photography. But with Joel here (a real famous artist) painting the nose art on, well that’s big-time visually exciting. So with the sun coming up, it’s work time!

“The Guard”
captured by Z7 / 14-24AFS

I’ve been shooting with the Z7 now for a while, fun stuff and landscapes but this is its first opportunity to earn its keep. Shooting with the FTZ mount (8-15Fish, 14-24AFS, 105f1.4 & SB-5000), I’ve been using it like I would the D5. That means tons of use and abuse! The file size is at Medium for most images but otherwise, I’ve giving it no breaks. I gotta tell ya, so far it’s doin a great job and with its silent shutter, some of the up close candids are turing out real sweet as no one knows I’m really shooting. Its sthe mall size is working out sweet as well. It’s when I use a piece of gear in real world, money paying jobs that I really know if that piece of gear was worth the investment. There are three Z7s at work here today and they are all earning their keep. Because until this moment, it’s been all fun & games.

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