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on Jul 24, 2020 in Aviation

Just Around the Corner

Grass Strip Hangar
captured by D6 / 180-400VR

Been cooped up for a while, looking for something you’ve not photographed inside your house? Yeah, cabin fever can really put a damper on the old creative juices. But you can’t let that happen, you gotta keep moving photographically forward. Perhaps while social distancing (driving around in your car by yourself) find that subject you’ve seen a million times and though it could be a photograph, it never has been, yet. The one thing it was missing was, light. Now might be the time to visit that subject with a longer lens at times of the day you’ve not seen it before. Like this photo, I headed out during a thunderstorm to see if the clouds would break in my favor to spotlight the hangar. Tucked away in the corner of nowhere, MT, this grass strip hangar has long caught my imagination but never my camera. Finally, the light worked in my favor and I made a click. While I think I could do better, I’m happy to finally have made at least one click. It will be easy though for me to improve, because it’s just around the corner!

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