Coyotes captured by Z 9 / 800f5.6AFS

They are often confused as being wolves in winter. It’s those rich, think winter coats that make the Coyote look so spectacular. There is a size difference between Coyotes and the Gray Wolf but if they are not side by side, that knowledge doesn’t help. Just look at the tip of the tail. See that black, yep, that’s a Coyote. This pair are two of four that were trying their very best to take advantage of a four day old elk kill. Well, elk drowning would be more accurate. It seems the bull was trying to cross the Lamar River, fell through the thin ice and couldn’t get back out and drowned. The Coyotes and other scavengers thought they had the perfect frozen dinner until the body got trapped under the ice, only its massive rack was above. That didn’t stop them from trying and providing us with a great show and some fun photo opps.

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