MANG C-130 captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8

I’ll come clean, I’ve been very neglectful when it comes to my library of modern military statics. I decided that I was going to rectify that issue in 2023 so I’ve been doing my homework. The homework is to go though my own files and find the images I like and those I don’t and figure out those reasons. My goal is to populate my library with uncommon images of these “common” aircraft you can see and photograph most weekends during the summer. One common thread I found looking through the images I like was they were taken with a 70-200f2.8 lens. I used that lens to do two things, isolate the subject and background. At the same time, the longer focal length keeps the lines of the aircraft true, no distorted angles.

F-22 Raptor captured by D3 / 70-200f2.8

The other commonality was the light. Starting with these two benchmarks is a challenge in itself then comes the additional challenge of “improving.” Making this come together means working the connections, obtaining access and the most important element, time, to make it all come together. I wrap that all up in a favorite phrase of mine, planned luck. If I do it right and the stars align, I’ll be looking forward to some one on one time!

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