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on Mar 29, 2018 in Aviation

Love Plane Light

C47 Project
captured by D5 / 105f1.4

We’re down in Florida at Turian Aviation continuing our work on the C47 Normandy Bound project. Right now they are in the process of replacing all the main cabin windows. It was a perfect opportunity to go “el natural” and just use light and shadow to tell the story. I wanted both sides of the installation process which is what dictated in large part my lens selection. The D5 was the obvious choice for the body so by in telling the story, once the light was known, the rest fell into place.

C47 Project
captured by D5 / 24f1.4

That’s because, with the light, the story of the window was dealt with by how much or how little of the C47 was required in the photograph for you to know he was working on a plane. So for the interior, I went with the 105f1.4 and the exterior, I went with the 24f1.4, both being shot of course, at f1.4. After that, it was simple to arrange the elements so you can see the concentration and care going into the replacement process and bring a little visual drama to an otherwise mundane task. It’s what makes such projects like this both challenging and visually rewarding. That and the 550GB of video shot and the 24hr time lapse we have running. Bigtime fun!!!!

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