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on Jan 31, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Lunar Eclipse Jan ’18

We were to have pretty clear skies so the idea of a time lapse of the lunar eclipse crossed my mind. I went online and looked up the times for the eclipse at the house (didn’t have time to spend it on the flats) and saw that more than likely, the time of totality would be behind the mountain. And, it would be when the sun was rising in the east. None the less, I set up the D850 as it takes heavenly lights time-lapse to a whole new level of easy! I started with the D850 with the 18f2.8AF attached to a tripod. The D850 was set to Auto ISO with max of 6400 and shutter speed of 25sec, New Auto Natural WB, Aperture Priority at f/2.8, I went into the Time-lapse menu and dialed in the settings. I set the duration to 7hrs 59min, frequency to 1 every 30sec, Exposure Smoothing and Silent Shutter (which freakin rocks!). I shot one with the EH-5c/EP-5B AC adapter providing constant power to the D850. While no eclipse, I love watching what went through the skies while I slept.

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