Vermont Hillside in 2004 captured by D2x / 200f2

Great fall color needs a couple of things, for that be explosion it’s a cold snap and moisture. Most of North America is missing the moisture which means big fall color might not happen. Seeing the handwriting on the wall last winter, I didn’t plan any fall color travels this year. Looking at our own trees going from green to brown, I’m saddened I was in the ballpark. Yes, there are some regions that will have color and that’s your mission to find if you want to photograph it. Search the web for regions with above average rainfall in the last forty-five days. Then narrow that down more by searching regions that received above normal moisture late winter. Compare those two searches and look at current temps for a cold snap. That might be your best bet for fall color this fall. I’m bracing for what might be one of those falls!

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