Sunflower captured by D850 / 8-15Fish

Wildflowers, ever since the first time I picked up a camera, have challenged me! It’s truly a mental thing that’s whipping my butt. Wildflowers are one of the most visual symbols that celebrate spring. Their bright color, pattern and design are brilliant elements celebrating the sun’s change and the warmth it brings. I so want them images in my files for celebrating this time of year and yet, I have so few. Why? One of the main reasons is they challenge my patience. The darn things never hold still! Next, I’m always looking for that “perfect” blossom which I know is not required but my mind won’t let it go. Lastly, putting time into poesy photos means I’m not working with critters and that play on my mind as well. The pressure is killing me! Yes, I’m out looking, kinda, so wish me luck as my annual challenge begins!
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