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on Jan 31, 2019 in Aviation

Normandy Bound Update

It’s really hard for us to realize the Documentary is coming up, fast, on two years! Even more, that we take to the air in just three months to Normandy!!! We have been really bad at keeping the Normandy Bound website up to date but it’s now up to Oct ’18. A new trailer will be posted shortly as well. I want to thank all of you who have contributed to the filming, the response was really, overwhelming. Thank You!!!

We have started a Facebook Page for the C-47B, “Hit or Miss” that we are posting to daily starting with the start of the project and bringing it current by the end of Feb. I’d love it if you Like It, Share It and participate in the adventure that takes to the skies shortly and then starts flying to the UK in May. It’s your history we feel honored to share with you all!

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