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on Mar 16, 2018 in Aviation

Normandy Bound!

There in the middle of a Florida swamp, forest, field, parked, was a piece of our history that’s now Normany Bound! #43-48950 was built in 1943 and instantly sent to Europe becoming part of WWII history. The Vintage Aero Group is putting this special piece of history back in the air and along with 32 other C-47s from the USA, flying it to France, June 2019 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D Day Landing. This two-year project began last summer and our cameras have been there from the beginning!

Peterson & Sons Productions are filming a documentary on 43-48950’s recovery, restoration, and reliving of its life in 1943 flying the northern route to Europe. This history belongs to us all and we’re going to share it all with you! We’ve created a website about the project and the documentary, Normandy Bound. There you can see the Offical Trailer for the documentary, read about the history of 43-48950 and our days of trials and successes on-site with 43-48950 with our cameras. It’s already been helluva of an adventure and there’s so much more to come. You can be a part of it. There are opportunities for the public to actually work on the aircraft for example, because the history belongs to us all. There a place on the website where you can contribute to the filming of the documentary (and we thank you for contributing in a special way). We invite you to come along, it’s going to be one heck of a ride in history!

Footnote: We are overwhelmed and incredibly grateful to all of you for your contributions! Thank you ever so much!

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