DC-6 “The Lucky Duck” captured by Z 6II / Z24-70f2.8

As much as I am looking forward to spring, I was going through my files and this photo reminded me that there are still some killer photos to take with snow. With the recent storms in some locales and melting in other, snow right now with the coming spring light can make some very cool opportunities! With the sun a bit higher on the horizon brings with is a mood that can set off snow that you won’t find in mid winter. The trick to it is to find a subject where the snow is just an element of the photograph and not the subject. Like this DC-6 up in Fairbanks, AK on a pizza parlor I believe. We actually have a short period of time with this kinds of images with snow on its way out and the light with a slight edge to it. Have fun, tell your story, share it and make someone smile knowing the snow is on its way out and spring is around the corner!
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