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on Jun 12, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

Otter Satisfaction!

Northern Sea Otter
captured by D6 / 180-400VR

It was a week of complete otter satisfaction! If you’ve read my book Captured, you know that my love affair with the Teddy Bears of the Sea goes way back decades. Having the good fortune to spend an entire week with them was truly special. We traveled up to Alaska working the large congregation of them in K Bay. Seeing rafts that numbered in the hundreds is a site of my career and one I’ll never forget. It was very heartwarming!

Our trip was focused on the time mom is with young pups but we ended up seeing a whole lot more biology than just that. Adorable their entire life, otters are they’re cutest when really young. This 8-10 month old pup is at that stage when riding on mom’s belly isn’t practical anymore so more often floats alongside mom. The pup is able to swim with her underwater and grab its own meal but like any kid, prefers mom feeding it. They prefer the quieter water of back bays which photographically is ideal. The water is smooth and reflects the world around them providing a clean sweep. I shot the entire time with the D6 / 180-400VR (loaded with ProGrade CFExpress) adding 13342 images to my otter files from the week. This is just one of the hundreds of favorites I came back with. In fact, Sharon has decided one wall at The Ranch is now going to be the otter wall. So I need to go, lots of printing to do!

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