G-21 Goose captured by D6 / 70-200f4

The background is everything, it’s the stage we set for our star! In the spring we have a small window for a unique background that can make your photo stand out. This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The Palouse is a great landscape and in the spring, sections become ablaze with color. This opens the door for photographs not typically captured for an air-to-air. In this example, it’s a huge juxtaposition. The subject, A Goose specializes in working on the water. The owner lives near The Palouse and loves them hills. And that’s the trick to finding and making the most of spring color. Talk with the owners / pilots as they know typically when as where you can find spring color. Start asking now so you get a tentative date on the calendar. You can watch that area fine tuning the time of your flight. It just adds another special aspect to your photo mission making the photograph that much more special!

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